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Trending Baby Names for 2012


Want to know what are the hottest baby names for 2012?


According to Nameberry, a website for baby names, the strongest baby name influences right now: Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and ancient Rome.  Many of the hot names relate to nature and to worlds beyond our own.  And most share a transcendence of traditional gender identity, containing elements of names for the opposite gender if not crossing over to unisex territory. 


Baby Center gathered together a list of popular names based on popular ranking and puts Liam and Emma as the number 1 trending names.


Fit Pregnancy gives us a list of unique modern baby names with an edge for people who don’t want old-fashioned names from the past, but more modern names for the future.


Naming your baby is something quite personal and often times requires deep inspiration from both parents to select the perfect name. If you prefer, you could always talk to the Baby Name Genie and ask his opinion.