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Note from Intern: Zi (Jeron)

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Intern's words

I started helping out at The Elegant Child of Beverly Hills three years ago and have never looked back since. It has been an eye-opening experience for me to work for a small luxury baby goods business- something I have never expected myself to ever do. This has given me exposure to a field unfamiliar to me allowing me to learn a great deal from the experience. Teri has been a very empowering employer. By giving me her trust to assist her in all areas of her business, I became more confident in my own abilities. Under her stewardship, I've not only learnt practical skills in running a small business, but grown professionally as a person as well. 

Unparalleled quality

Working at her store over three years, I have probably came across almost all 1000 of the products available in her store. With that, I can personally vouch for the quality of her products. Every single one of Teri's suppliers are subjected through a meticulous handpicking process by Teri herself. As a luxury baby product store, she does not allow any compromise in terms of the quality of her products. I have lost track of the number of times she turned down a supplier because they did not meet her high standards. 

Customer Service

Another area that really impresses me is the incredible customer service and attention Teri gives each customer. She spends countless hours every day speaking to customers on the phone, giving them suggestions and recommendations for gifts. In addition, she also takes the time to photograph each of her gifts personally and sending them to her customers before shipping them out. It is small gestures like this that goes a long way in this field of business. The high proportion of return customers is a great testament to how satisfied The Elegant Child's customers are with both the products and the immaculate customer service Teri provides. 

17th May 2016 

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A question of trust

A question of trust In my previous article, I gave an overview of the overall atmosphere within the Elegant Child of Beverly Hills. I told you about customer service, Teri’s experience and how she makes herself available to her clients. It is obvious that in a company like the Elegant Child, these elements are related and [...]

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Une Note de notre Stagiaire: Romy

Nous sommes sincèrement ravis d'avoir Romy, notre nouvelle stagiaire de France avec nous. C'est ce qu'elle a voulu partager avec vous; un aperçu à l'intérieur du cœur de l'enfant élégant. Impression d’une stagiaire   Je m’appelle Romy Roisil. Je suis une étudiante française de 21 ans actuellement en stage dans l’entreprise nommée The Elegant Child of Beverly Hills [...]

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A Note from our Intern: Romy

We are sincerely thrilled to have Romy, our new business intern from France with us. This is what she wanted to share with you; a glimpse inside the heart of the Elegant Child. Intern’s words My name is Romy Roisil. I am a 21 years old French student currently doing an internship in the Elegant Child’s [...]

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