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A Note from our Intern: Romy


We are sincerely thrilled to have Romy, our new business intern from France with us. This is what she wanted to share with you; a glimpse inside the heart of the Elegant Child.

Intern’s words

My name is Romy Roisil. I am a 21 years old French student currently doing an internship in the Elegant Child’s company with Teri Weiss, the owner. This internship is a compulsory part of studies in International Business but I can tell everybody that I don’t feel obliged to come every day! This company is small but very well known since Teri own it since more than 20 years.
I absolutely don’t regret my choice for being here because I can actively work with Teri. The atmosphere in the elegant child is very different from what I experienced during my previous internship in huge international companies. It is good to see different kind of business. The company being small and not including many employees, Teri makes herself available when I have a question or even suggest an idea to her. I have the chance to participate in all kinds of tasks in this business, from billing to update the website with the webmaster. My main project during my internship is to manage the implementation of day to day marketing program. To achieve this ambitious goal, I could count on help from Teri and her experience thanks to what I can also learn everything involved in running a small business.


My first impression

The first time I arrived from France, I saw so many beautiful products. I wanted to see all of them, I was really curious and I found everything really cute. The store is small but full of beautiful items.
Then I saw “Sophie the Giraffe”, I couldn’t believe it was also known in the USA. This product comes from France and Teri is actually the first person who sells it in the USA!
After 1 week, I saw more and more product and Teri told me about the fabrics of the blankets, the robes. I knew she was experienced but she is actually an expert in this sector. I went into different baby stores in France and I have sincerely never seen a store as perfect as that for new born.


One month later

I have a more detailed view of how Teri is working. I now know which items sell the best and what customers think about our products. I noticed that customers always thanked Teri via email and I realized how much happy they are when they receive gifts from her. 
Some customers come in the store and are amazingly surprised to see how cute products are! Teri is here to give advices, show products she likes, what the products can be use for, which color could match, what kind of embroidery could be good and so on.
Teri is offering an amazing customer service and is available for all request or question customers can have. The fact that she is ordering products from suppliers and treating order by herself makes the customer service the best compare to any other stores.
More than loving her products, customers love Teri’s experience!
Because I have heard lot of good things about the company, the products, the website and Teri’s customer service I decided to ask customers if they would allow us to use their review in our website thanks to what, new customers could be convinced more easily.

An incomparable quality

When I first arrive in the company, Teri didn’t tell me about products’ brand but products’ quality. Indeed, to sell a product you have first to believe in it. Teri knows she has chosen the most quality for her products and that is why she has no difficulties to convince customers.


THE customer service

“Each customer is important”. I think it is the most important thing for Teri and one of the things she wants me to keep in mind. Because she wants customers to enjoy her experience and her knowledge and she wants to give special advice for each of them.
Most of the time, customers can receive pictures of gifts they ordered. Which other store would do that? If a customer calls and wants to have details about his gift, Teri is always here to answer.
Teri maintains good relations with her customers but also with her suppliers. She tries to always have a minimum stock in order not to make her customers wait. Also, Teri tries to reduce shipping time by preparing packages on the day of the order.
The company is well known mainly thanks to the word of mouth. Because of products and services she offers, Teri has never used big communication’s ways or strong type of advertisement. Today, the company appears in Facebook, Twitter, and Blog… and it is even easier to make the word of mouth works thanks to that.